Corporate culture

Our company was founded in Hakodate in 1967. Currently we are located in the neighboring town of Hokuto and we produce machinery to process a wide range of fish species. We mainly make processing machinery for the regional processing industry of squid, salmon and scallops.

From single machines to the total layout of entire factories, our sales network is mainly in Hokkaido and Tohoku domestically and also overseas in Southeast Asia, North America, and Russia. We enjoy the world top market share with a lot of our original machines.

In recent years, utilizing technology cultivated in the fisheries industry, we have promoted development beyond the boundaries of the seafood industry to machinery related to both the agricultural and medical care sectors.

We strive hard at producing machines using "creativity" "ingenuity" and "research".

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About us Products

Reasons for job satisfaction

It is interesting designing machines from scratch, creating new unique products for the first time.

We make single machines at the request of our customers, we also offer processing equipment for entire factories. When we visit convenience store, we can see products made using our machines. You can’t see our machines directly but you can see many of types of food produced by them in the dried food and ready-made food sections of stores.

Liaising with Sales, design, manufacturing, or any department can help us realize the satisfaction in manufacturing. Although we have a very high retention rate in staff, in the past few years we have been actively recruiting younger employees to help reinvigorate the company.

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This is Taiyo


A sales rep.

In correspondence with the demand of the market, develop, product and sold the machine more than 100 models. We make a lot of bestselling products, too.

New products are always demanded of us as a manufacturer. Although there is an element of trial and error in this work, the pleasure of providing new products to the market and these products being recognized, brings a sense of fulfillment. Let’s make such new machines together.